Friday 5 February 2010

Lose Weight and Save Money With Organic Food

It seems that a lot of people who try to eat well and check the amount of calories of every meal are still stuck with those pounds inadvertently accumulated that resist any kind of sacrifice we endure to make them go away. Diet Pills and quick fix diets promise to but they never mention the bill, for both your health and your wallet. After years of experience in nutrition I can't give you an instant solution that will make thouse pounds disappear in a few hours but I can point you towards something that will give you that final boost to get rid off the weight once and for all. The final boost is organic food.

Organic Foods are cultivated without preservatives, pesticides, hormones, or any other harmful chemicals. They are designed to grow in harmony with the environment and work within the human body satisfying it's nutritional needs creating far less stress than their non-organic counterparts. Eating healthy organic food is the key to take off those excess pounds naturally without spending a fortune in diet treatments.
When you compare the nutrients present in organic fruits or vegetables to their traditionally grown counterparts, you'll find them to have a significantly larger amount of beneficial substances. In some cases, you'll see three times more vitamins and proteins in organic foods. One study showed organic oranges half the size of traditionally grown oranges containing more vital nutrients. By eating the appropriate amounts (vary depending on your height, complexion and age) of organic fruits and vegetables you can end your dependence multivitamin pills, by giving your body every essential nutrient you need in a much safer and cheaper way.
If you doubt that organic produces are healthier, consider the fact that artificial chemicals widely in many foods nowadays are relatively new and have only been consumed for a small fraction of the time humans have been on this planet, making their long time effects unknown.
It's also important to understand that our bodies are not designed to process all those, preservatives pesticides and hormones and therefore place excess stress upon vital organs, specially the liver. The end result is a build up of potentially dangerous chemicals in the fat stores of your body which has been linked to the storing of even more fat. I've already mentioned how consuming natural nutrients and eliminating harmful chemicals of your diet helps your body function more efficiently, but you're probably wondering how this helps you to lose that weight.
First of all, when you eat organic foods your body is able to digest them more quickly and efficiently. Since it doesn't have to deal with those chemicals, your metabolism's speed increases (something essential for losing weight), also allowing you to use the full energy potential of your food. This means you'll be less tired and ready to get up and move. You'll also have extra energy to exercise and burn off even more unwanted calories. Studies have also found that laboratory rats who were fed organic food sleep better. That means you'll rest better making it easier to seize the day, starting with a morning jog if you wish it. Yes, just by eating organic food you'll significantly improve your quality of life, for a fraction of what vitamin supplements would cost.
Another advantage of eating organic is that you'll be less likely to get sick. Eating organic helps provide your system with the proper nutrients to stay healthy as well as providing your body with more energy to fight off infection. All this will reduce your medical bills while also making less likely to lose job days due to sickness. While switching to an organic diet is a excellent way to lose weight, you must remember to eat the right organic foods. I recommend those that contain lots of fiber, plenty of fruits and vegetables are the perfect choice along with small amounts of protein and carbohydrates.
I hope this helps you to shed those pounds. If you want to know more about organic gardening, visit my website or email me